A Message From: Shloimy Eagle


Dear Friends and Family, עמו"ש

With the soul-satisfying scent of last year’s Shas-a-thon still suffusing the air, we embark on preparations for a new Shas-a-thon. Torah learning is never a repeat performance, an echo, but always a vibrant, vital experience with far reaching effects, and I plan to be part of this year’s event on Sunday the 10th of September, יום א' ניצבים-וילך יט אלול ה'תשע"ז at the Hilton London Metropole, once again in aid of A TIME. Together with my fellow learners, scholars and laymen alike, we will achieve the pinnacle of a Siyum HaShas in one place on one day.

For those unfamiliar with the superlative efforts of A TIME, here’s a brief rundown. The organisation provides medical, financial, emotional and halachic support, to couples navigating the unpleasant byroads of infertility. With sensitivity and respect, they accompany many such pairs over the hurdles on their path, aiding and praying with them for positive outcomes.

Our efforts at the Shas-a-thon help A TIME’s goals on the spiritual and financial fronts. I need your involvement to facilitate these accomplishments. Your sponsorship will make you a partner in the zechus of the learning and the zechus of the tremendous chessed done.

The kedusha and the achdus in such an undertaking are palpable and powerful. As a supporter, the bracha that resonates will be yours as much as mine. Thank you, on behalf of A TIME and myself, for opening your heart to our cause.


Sincerely yours,

Shloimy Eagle

My Donors and Comments

10 Sep


06 May


Despite busy times making way for this special day......

28 Aug


Wishing you Hatzlocho. we're proud of you

21 Aug

£100.00Aaron Eagle

Wishing you much Hatzlocho on REAGLE 

keep it up

10 Sep

£36.00An Admirer

Wishing you Hatzlocho

17 Sep


10 Sep

£20.00Yidel Kohn

Wishing you Hatzlocho!

05 Sep

£20.00Joeli Joezefovitz

Wishing you much bruche and Hatzlocho!!!

31 Aug

£20.00Yitzchok Hersh Klein

Shloimy i am very proud of you now i see the fruit of my labor, keep up 

08 Jun

£20.00Yanky Eagle

Tatty  Hatzlocho we r proud of you!!!!!!

10 Sep

£18.00Zevi & Faigy

Wishing you Hatzlocho

10 Sep

£18.00R K

Wishing you Hatzlocho

09 Sep

£18.00Simchi streicher

Wishing you Hatzlocho

31 Aug

£18.00Yanky Hoffman

Proud of both of you!

30 Aug

£18.00Avrumi Josefovitz

Wishing you much Hatzlocho

24 Aug

£18.00Mendy Rozner