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The entire Shas will be learned in one day, under one roof, by a group 274 Lomdim.

The Siyum Hashas in one day will be a wonderful prelude and preparation for the Yomim Noroim for all participants and sponsors, whilst at the same time serving as a means of enabling A TIME to continue providing its vital range of assistance and support to hundreds of couples throughout Europe.

In the months preceding the Siyum a unique group 274 Lomdim will prepare and study their slot of approximately 10 Daf each. On the day of the Siyum each Lomeid will thoroughly review their entire slot in unison under one roof.

Following the Siyum an exclusive Seudas Mitzvah - Gourmet Dinner will be celebrated befitting such an exceptional occasion for all the Lomdei Hashas and their spouses accompanied by a special entertaining program.

Sunday 10 September 2017
יום ראשון יט אלול פ’ נצבים-וילך תשע"ז

ATIME is offering a unique opportunity for you to be part of this great Zchus.
You can now sponsor any available Daf of Shas in honor of a Lomeid and for a Zchus for yourself and your loved ones.

1. Be a Lomeid - Yissocher.
2. Be a Sponsor - Zevulun.

Choose: Choose an available slot of approximately 10 Daf.
Book: Save the Date! SUNDAY 10 SEPT 2017
Prepare: Study your dafim in depth in preparation for the big day.
Come: Venue to be Advised.
Learn: Learn and finish Shas together with the 274 Lomdim.
Celebrate: Celebrate an exclusive Grand Siyum for the Lomdim and their spouses.

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Find: Find the Lomeid you want to sponsor on the Lomdim tab, using the search box or by direct link you may have received from the Lomeid via email.
Donate:Click on the Donate button located on the Lomeids page.
Select: Select any available Daf in Shas and a sponsorship level. You can sponsor one of the Daf that your Lomeid is learning (if it's still available) or any other available Daf in Shas.
Comment: Fill in a comment of Chizuk or any other message you'd like to post for the Lomeid. Your comment will appear on the Lomeids page.
Zchus: Fill in a special request for Zchus or in memory of etc. that you'd like the Lomeid to have in mind while learning his Daf. This will not be posted online. This field will be available for the Lomeid only.

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You can reach us by any of the following ways:

23 Foutayne road N167EA

Phone: 020 7993 4527

Fax: 020 8211 1773 

Email: [email protected]

FAQ’s for the Lomeid

The Siyum is on the entire Shas with Rashi. You are required to prepare the Dafim thoroughly with Rashi and have a good understanding of it. Make these Dafim a part of your life by learning them well and making a Kinyan.

Although you’re not required to, the more in depth you learn the Dafim the better. There is no end to the depths of the Yam Hatalmud and it is definitely commendable to add some mefarshim.

Yes, you can learn with a Chavrusa, its really easy - all you need to do is (signup as a Loimed) - then Login and click on My Account and select the "Add Chavrusa" option and complete the online form. We will send a personal invitation to your Chavrusa to signup to your selected slot.

You will have about 6 hours to finish you slot excluding lunch and Mincha break. To make it easier on the Lomdim, coffee and light refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Transportation will be provided to and from the Siyum. We will contact you before the Siyum to finalize all the details.

Nothing really. Lunch will be served as well as a full time coffee and refreshments room. We will have Gemaras for everyone however if you’d like any special Sforim please bring it with you or let us know beforehand and we can have it there for you.

You are committing to prepare your assigned daffim and attend the limmud session on the day and learn your quota. You are also committed to raise a minimum of £1250.

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